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The combo of Risperidone and a psychostimulant is a very normal one and what you are describing mchildshphrd is not unusual. The antipsychotic helps to keep a lock on the emotional noise in your head and may help stop some of the internal power battling that goes on.

I remember one story where I treated this young adult who, on stimulants, did very well in school but her mother continued to say that she was miserable as a person. When I started her on the “voodoo pill”, as her mother called it, her mother called me two weeks later and said, “for the first time, I had a conversation with my daughter where i didn’t feel like I was walking on egg shells.”

The depressive symptoms are often a result of the “noise” from within and the emotional disconnection to others. However, whatever works……….

Good luck. Woo Hoo back at ya.