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Re: stimulants and intolerable insomnia

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I’m not really interested in strattera. If there is a possible sedation or sexual side effect, I get it. And the selective reuptake inhibitor mechanism kind of freaks me out (even if strattera is not serotonin). I had these nasty rapid, mixed cycling with SSRIs and SNRI. I was pretty terrified to ask for a stimulant of all things, but desperation makes one brave lol. i just really really don’t want to be tired and impotent =(.

Do you have any side effects from Strattera? how long did it take to work for you?

I am good about avoiding caffeine and alcohol. I rarely drink either. but I am a huge sugar fiend and might kill people who stood in my way to obtain it. lol. *kidding*.

interesting article. thank you.

my impression: Classic Bipolar I. I don’t really trust that he will not need medication in the future. Uncontrolled bipolar can get worse as years progress.

Every year, I hope/contemplate that the bipolar is a figment of my imagination or just me being crappy at coping or just being a moody hyperactive person (hyperactive and anxious is my natural state so it gets murky when I try to analyze when those traits are exacerbated by hypomania). taking my meds contemplation of course =P. and then every year, i get disappointed again with that feeling like my brain does not feel right and it is cycle time again. with meds, I can cope with cycling using support network and coping skills. being that this is now 4 months after I started taking the ADHD meds daily, I think it is just my seasonal cycle + some aggravation from the stimulants.

but I do not want to stop them. I finished a big project in 2 days. would have taken me close to week before. I learned before that I literally only have the ability to concentrate on something for one hour until I absolutely cannot go on and need at least 30min of goofing off.. then just get about 45min…then goof off.. rinse repeat and major time wasting.

anyhow, I hope the medical assistant doesn’t let my doctor listen to the angry message I left on her machine >_<. (long story). I am taking way too much ambien and have been begging for a second med for a month now so I can decrease the ambien and not insomnia myself into a full blown mania. seroquel should be waiting for me at the pharmacy soon. more sleep + able to decrease ambien + some extra mood stabilization= awesome. as long as I’m not dragging all day. I am not concerned about the weight gain because I am underweight (i don’t know why as I’m so obsessed with sweets lol). got to get the thyroid checked again! and sleep study is still on my list of things to ask for.