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Re: Stimulants – compare and contrast

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pills don’t give skills. I and for that matter everyone in my house has or is being tested for ADD (my wife, and 3 kids). my house is a mess all the time and it’s because Game theory, finance, youtube and this are cooler than say the cleaning. My wife loves photography the outdoors and facebook ….again no cleaning mentioned. The kids well…..They are kids who loose things before they are finnished with them. Oh the adventures we have. My point is as we have been changing the world to fit us we have tried to do it together and at the same pase. It sucks it’s slow and frankly I can think of a million better things to do but the skills are what I am after so I might drop the pills….BTW you might ask your doc about something like Concerta instead of RIt; it is a constant stream of meds not a bunch of peeks and troughs. I haven’t had any problems with it outside of a little increased blood preasure.