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im on strattera and for the first week or so i felt really really sad and depresssed even more, but it passed and i am now slowly increasing my dose, i felt real sick at the start too but i got passed and stuck with it. i am also on lustral and have been on that alot longer than strattera, i dont know how i would be with just strattera but for now im on both.. it seems to be going ok though it stil early days, but i wll say that yes i felt real rough for the first little while then i got past it…you could try again mybe and try gettin past the rough stage and if not then i guess its good to try somethin else, i felt dreadfull at the start but im glad i stuck wiht it.. i hope you find sometin that suits you. i have only small changes but i am on low dose still and its too early, im still impulsive forgetfull unorganised and impatience when others talk to me etc etc bu t i feel little less frustrated and abel to listen small moments at a time..small steps i guess , but i forget that most of the time and beat myself for not being able to function like others, aliens..