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lol, the alien statement was simply to point out that I get some really weird thoughts/paranoias. I don’t even believe in aliens so it’s ironic that in my more paranoid moments that I worry about stuff like that. haha, yeah, if they do exist though, they probably stay away from the likes of us.

I was on Strattera for a month, I was depressed but ok on the lower dose, but as I started to raise is when it became very bad. Now, what feels like the issue is that these kinds of meds always throw you for a loop when you first start taking them, and I just got a new job. I can’t pull out for a month to work through the effects of medication, nor do I feel inclined to tell my employers why I would be acting so odd.

For example, last year I was taking new medications for migraines (from the same neurologist who didn’t believe I had adhd, if you read the other post) and it was like someone had taken my ADHD dial and turned it up four or five notches. Organized? Brain mouth filter? Me, aggressive? lol, yeeeaaah. I did tell people I was taking medicine then because I was offending a lot of people (it doesn’t matter if the local queen bee is a bully. Telling her will never go over well. Also, telling her enforcer that if she truly understood her own language than insults would be better delivered is not a recipe for making friends in the work place). It seemed better to air my dirty laundry than to burn any more bridges. Um, there was a lot of politics at my last school.

Anyway, those experiences taught me that good meds can backfire so I am cautious to take them now. I can do my job, I’m just an underachiever who sticks with year-to-year contracts.

I guess I’m just worried that if I go back on meds I’ll end up getting fired before the good stuff starts happening.