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If Ritalin worked before it would probably work again, though don’t be surprised if you need more rather than less now that you are older and larger.

I have been using Ritalin and Wellbutrin together for years and have no complaints but if Strattera really worked so well then I wouldn’t be surprised if you and your doctor could make it succeed again and next time prevent the depression now that you are better prepared.

The depression probably came more from the ADHD than from the prescription and it’s likely that putting it together with Wellbutrin will allow you to get the full benefit of the Strattera without another crash.

As for me, I’ve been increasing my dosage of Ritalin step by step for awhile and anticipate nothing but good results.

…and as for the aliens, you can relax. They’re meek, friendly and smart enough to stay well away from the two-legged heavily-armed dragons that infest this little ball, especially the smarter, more impulsive ones like you and I. ;]