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hey bill, do you think maybe it’s time for the doc to look at treating the narcolepsy/sleep issues rather than focusing on the ADD? Just a thought. I know they felt you were borderline and that they’d try treating the ADHD first, but it sounds like it’s not helping. My doc said the opposite, treat the sleep issues and then any residual ADHD.

In my case, the meds are doing well, but I am still challenged. At least I am well rested! But it took daytime stimulants and then an approach to dealing with the nighttime fragmented sleep (which I was completely unaware of) to get me to a point of balance. Not sure if I’ll have to continue the nighttime meds indefinitely. Still another sleep study to come to assess the quality of my sleep, but right now I feel good, starting to de-stress and hoping my other symptoms will settle down. Poor quality sleep really impairs me..