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It is amazing the range of experience and different needs. Or pathways. Too Fat says he never got counselling around his ADD, but clearly had it around other areas and that made the difference. Others found getting the diagnosis hugely helpful. Or have self diagnosed and feel certain it’s the issue. (And in many cases what you’ve shared does sure sound like it. My own suggestion is just to eliminate other issues like thyroid problems that can look like ADHD.)

The anger issue is really interesting.

If you have trouble regulating attention, input from your senses, ideas, complex tasks… it’s hardly surprising that you’d also have trouble regulating emotions.

I could go from zero to FULL BLOWN PANIC in about 10 seconds. Five on a good day.

One of the few pleasures of aging is that eventually, if you take the time, you can look back at all the terrible things you scared of, convinced would be the end of the world, and went into a panic over. From thinking you’d lost something valuable to not hearing from a loved one and assuming the worst.

And then whaddya know, they turn up fine. Again. And the next time they are late… it’s like the previous time is forgotten, and panic time!

Until eventually, at least for me, I developed the ability to recognize the rising panic and stop it quickly, by asking, “What are the odds?”

As for anger? Well, I can still go there, but in my case, the anger is almost always because I expected someone else to do what I thought was fair, correct, responsible, logical, doing what they promised… while conveniently overlooking the thousands of things I did that were irresponsible, illogical, not what I promised…