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Ah yes, the sleep issues! I can spend a good half hour getting the bedding to lay ‘just right’ and then I become aware of the noises from outside the house. Keeping the air conditioning on all summer helps with that but it does nothing for the finances! Do you know how many animals are out prowling at night making a racket? I can’t believe that I’m not even living out in the country!!

For the past year (even in the winter- the cold frozen air seems to make the air carry the sound even more. Yes, even with the windows closed.) I hear the coyotes out howling, or fighting (or perhaps murdering their dinner??!!). Then I have to get up to close the window and have to start rearranging the bedding all over again.

After dealing with all the fidgeting to get the bed just right, I ‘think’ I can settle down to sleep but my mind is still going a hundred miles an hour. How does one turn off their brain? I’ve tried the melatonin with marginal success and have even been given a drug to help with sleep (mirtrazapine??). Not sure of the name or spelling since I rarely use it. It does seem to help even in the tiny dose I take but I rather just NOT take a drug.

Besides, even as a small kid I was awake until past midnight doing the lie abed and fidget routine. Why would I want to change now??

On a funnier note, as a twin (fraternal) I had to share a double bed with her for a few years in my teens. Since she is not ADD she was not very understanding of my non-stop fidgeting to get the sheets and blankets just right. She used to eat crackers and cheese in bed and you can just imagine how it felt feeling those seemingly gigantic cracker crumbs. I couldn’t never understand how they didn’t bother her! She blow up pretty quickly with my constant moving around in the bed but she had no mercy if I spent more than a second or two sweeping out her cracker crumbs. I’m surprised I’m still alive to even tell this tale. It should have been me complaining!!