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Well.. about this sleep thingie… I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea (didin’t find the correct worda..)..

Before I surely was a zombie.. i couldn’t stay awake.. in certain mathematics class i slept class straight through.. Teacher was certain his teachings and mathematics surely can’t be that boring…

Even though i after diagnose explained why was it it surely made me stand from the pack…

About how to control one’s thoughts… well there is this five year method (which i did myself and sometimes with my father as a discussion help) when i had to stop my psych meetings that person didn’t have her studies done so well (she got her psych papers from a class which was to make certain therapist to get better upstanding… kind of)..

I had to go through these thoughts and racings with myself…

There was this cycle:

– Something big or less was coming stresslevel up, exciment, couldn’t wait it coming (couldn’t at same time do something for it like for example do homework)..

– When it was over either there came the relief one can expect get some sleep again or then it came worse when those kind of meetings (whatever it was: person, animal and its owner…) because those gave my thoughts some more fuel to accelöerate and my worst of worst period was over two weeks of time… from which i don’t even remember when i stopped it but i forced myself to get even rest (by laying down and keeping my eyes shut) then i woke up and i had my sleep.. even for two hours..

– I learned to just go through with those thoughts.. express myself in the net (in the chatrooms), to write in the my way of thinking letters to a good good penpal (which whom is in my messenger nowadays).. by getting acceptance and by writing my thoughts to a giving to my thoughts a black letters to the paper and they came away which results to i got the chaos away…

Doers it work for everyone… well some will need those psychs to overcome one’s innerself from the chaos… It is just to come in terms with oneself… If you always try to barke the connection to your thoughts they will never let you sleep…

Either way.. one just has to be true to oneself.. it aint easy.. im in the journey myself.. i’ve not been diagnosed with adhd/add but i surely seem to be one.. but by knowing it i certainly know where to go if i need to

By letting thoughts come and go and take some from there to the paper.. or like “Oh this was the thought which has been bugging me i will at the morning put it first to the paper (or comp.) so i will not forget it…” or if one is person who forgets even when that thought cmae and pheuw away then it suerly should be at that moment to put it to the paper or comp…

Why.. umm well.. it surely could make oneself remember that in certain day there is something which should be gone to (like going to doctor to that day and not the late day… next day… *feels ashamed*

oh my.. kind of lecture this can be… hopefully it shall enlighten to see more ways…. to not race everynight..:)