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I had to laugh when I read this because my husband and I were having this exact conversation the other night.

He has his side of the bed made up in a certain way, mine in my way with the certain kind of blankets, etc etc.

Took a long time for me to get used to having anyone in the bed with me. I would lay there all night, hyper and irritated with my heart hammering away.

The other person was noisy, breathing too loud, (if they snored! yikes!) moving too much, touching me..the list is pretty much infinite. I sometimes was so noise sensitive that I felt like I was sleeping in a barn!

My husband is nice and quiet and doesn’t move when he sleeps. He is perfect!

I also have to be pretty much covered head to toe because the sheets and comforter feel too pokey, pointy, hot, cold, they make noise etc etc..can’t be too light (even in summer and this is a drag!) Any light in the room makes me wake up..forget ever sleeping in.

In winter it is a relief as we have flannel sheets and an electric bed warmer that we turn on about an hour before bed, then off when we get into it. Pre-warms everything and then we can have a nice cool room with lots of soft heavy blankets.

Lots of tactile issues too numerous to list but just thought I was ‘sensitive’.