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Hmm… well.. i have certain sameness… Well.. even before in childhood i went to eat to my granny… before even i was at the door i smelled what kind of food there was to be..

When my father started to use certain kind of glues… i had to go away… My head would be swaying and then came really bad head ache (which is similar to any normal person too). But it certainly felt overly much…

I have mastered my smell, taste, and so on… in childhood myself in my thoughts i decided to learn to walk in the darkness like i was one of those without eyesight.. And in this appartment which i no longer live but will move away… i’ve had to go to wc down level (here is plumming going in bigscale). ive learned i can do it in my 28years of age… Kind of neat.. when one is also kind sensitive to the affect of darkness..

When one smells too clearly.. there isnt much to do.. just to put the clothespin to the nose and hope it wont be less than you need to do…

ASs they say… which you hate the most.. try to overcome it to lessen it’s strenght towards you.. before it will be over you…