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Re: The “fun” of Effexor withdrawal

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In my experience, the last 75 mg of the Effexor XR withdrawal is the worst. I often reduce the patient by 18.75 mg one month at a time if they have been on the medication for more than a year. It is unclear why this is but it is typical to have emotional mood swings, headaches and significant malaise. The good news is that when you get to around 75 mg, you can make switches to another medication relatively easily which sometimes avoids the withdrawal.

Most AD’s have a shelf life of about three years and then the AD in vogue comes out and everyone switches. Frankly, Prozac is as good as most of them. There really has been no huge advantage in any AD treatment over the years just marketing hype.

Probably the best predictor of response is if someone else in your family has been on an AD and they have done well.

As for combining an AD with a psychostimulant, very common. Best to try the stimulant first and then add the AD. However, be careful of Strattera (nonstimulant) in combination with either Paxil or Prozac as there is a drug interaction