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Re: The “fun” of Effexor withdrawal

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Patte Rosebank
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I’m still weaning off the Effexor XR, and dumping out most of the beads. I think I must be down to around 12mg or so. It’s such a tiny amount, but without it, I get all those nasty withdrawal symptoms. I’m going to my GP (since I’d have to wait a month to see my psych) to ask for a prescription of the smallest capsules. In Canada, I think that’s 37.5mg. I’ll also ask about getting some empty capsules, so I can dump the excess beads into them, so I can use them instead of just throwing them away.

Today is my second day taking a single 10mg tablet of the APO generic form of Ritalin in the morning. I haven’t noticed any difference, but it’s still really early, and the dosage is still rather small.

No trouble with sleeping at night, since I’m still taking 25mg of Seroquel a couple of hours before bedtime. I’ve been taking it for about 3 years now, and it’s really helped me stop the racing thoughts so I can drift off to sleep. It usually takes around 12 hours to fully wear off. I wonder if this means I should be taking the Ritalin a couple of hours later, so that the residual Seroquel doesn’t counteract the stimulant effect.