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Re: The “fun” of Effexor withdrawal

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Patte Rosebank
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Three weeks later, and I’m still emptying out most of the spansules from the 37.5 mg capsules of Effexor XR. Even though I’m now down to the tiny dose of approximately 10 mg per day, my body still won’t let me go a day without my Effexor “fix”.

The Ritalin is allowing me to focus, though I’m still having trouble with getting started, concentrating, and finishing projects. The tablet seems to wear off after only a couple of hours. When the effect starts wearing off, a cup of coffee revives it for a little longer. I expect that a slightly higher dosage, and the slow-release formula would be more effective.

On top of all this, I have the “fun” of something nasty happening inside my bridgework. Namely, a failed root canal which has caused inflammation of the gum, and a fistula which has formed on the roof of my mouth. I’ve been on potent antibiotics to kill the infection, and I’m going to need oral surgery through the roof of my mouth to access and repair the damaged root of the tooth.

This sucks.

Correction: This blows dead bears.