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Re: The “fun” of Effexor withdrawal

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Patte Rosebank
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Thanks, JayBird!

I’m not surprised you have generalized anxiety. My entire time at U of T was one long stretch of generalized anxiety and depression. Except for when I was in one of my favourite classes, or involved with New Faces (the New College drama group) or any other drama groups.

The one good thing about my current situation is that the tooth has been root-canalled, so there’s no nerve in it, so it doesn’t hurt. The gum is a little tender, though, and if an endodontist pushes hard on the fistula (abscess thingy) with the pointy end of a dental probe, the patient will feel it to such a degree that she will utter some very colourful expletives.

Of course, when I do go in for this oral surgery, I will NOT be taking a Ritalin. My brain won’t need the extra stimulation.