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what is this mysterious ‘raw material’?

is this the same thing? http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705366974/Shortage-in-medications-has-some-scrambling-for-alternatives.html?s_cid=rss-30

“Clixie Larson learned of the drug shortages when she went to a pharmacy to fill prescriptions for her son and herself.

“I went to fill both of our prescriptions — he’s on Adderall and I’m on Ritalin for ADHD — and the pharmacist said, ‘I’m not even sure we have it in.’ ”

She was told the FDA puts a production cap on those amphetamines and demand for the drugs hit that level.”


“In addition to demand, raw material shortages and quality problems at the manufacturers can also limit supply.

“There are so few manufacturers of all these drugs that if even one company has even a tiny glitch then it resorts in a shortage,” Fox said.

That’s what happened with the Adderall, she said, and many other vital drugs in short supply.

Miller said the solution is to make sure that there are enough companies manufacturing these medications so that “we’d have a reasonable supply and backlog of needed pharmaceutical agents.”

Fox explained legislation pending in the U.S. Senate would require drug manufacturers to notify the FDA when drug supplies are running low. She said that type of transparency would get at the heart of the problem.

The U.’s Drug Information Service is looking into the Ritalin shortage, which appears to be localized.”

as far as i know we have drugs in canada. …..roadtrip? :D