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Well, so far I have not yet had a chance to talk with my son’s school. I have done up a folder with my son’s psychological profile/report, and some pages from Chris Dendy’s website (which I think is a great starting point for ADHD info) that include ADHD in terms of executive function and effects on schooling, info for teachers, info for parents, and info for teens. I thought it would be a good idea to have some info in one place so that anyone who is interested can have a quick read, including hubby, my son, our family, and teachers. I also thought I might add a list of what ADHD “problems” my son experiences, such as sleep disturbances, reading issues, difficulty with mental calculations/manipulation and such, so that people can see how ADHD affects him as opposed to others with it, in order to better understand him and assist him. We have had patients that have come through work with a disorder that we know almost nothing about, and when they take the time to supply some information about their condition and how they are affected, it really makes a difference to those who nurse them. We then know what we need to watch out for, what is “normal” for them, and how best to help them. I’d be interested to know if teachers appreciate the same sort of thing from their students.