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Re: To Medicate, Or Not To Medicate

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Thanks guys. I did talk to my son about meds, and I know he is happy to try them, but he also is very inquisitive and likes to be informed, hence my post. I was hoping to be able to give him some viewpoints of others who have been there, so he can better make an informed decision. We have time up our sleeve, as we are yet to get the psychologist’s report thst we will need to take to a doctor if we want to go down the medication path.

I guess I compare him to me because I am the only person I know who seems to understand how he functions and what he feels, and I experience many of the things he complains about. I know what irritates him, and I’d like to be able to tell him what things the medications might help, and what they probably won’t. I suppose that I also see the potential for him ending up with similar issues to me later in life, so if medication might just help get things under control then it would be worth a try (if that is what road he wishes to take).

Speaking of which, he has just walked into the room and brought the subject up. He wants to try meds as he is feeling a bit desparate. He wants to be able to concentrate on a book because he is getting into strife at school because he finds reading difficult (despite a good reading comprehension level, he finds he cannot remember what he has read by the time he has finished the page and wastes lots of time re-reading things). He also hates the racing thoughts that bug him frequently, and not being able to focus on things in class. I am hoping that meds might just help with some of these issues.