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I used to take Trileptal as a mood stabilzer (I am bipolar type 2). I can honestly say that it did nothing to improve my ADD (inattentive type) symptoms. After a number of dose increases my mood stabilized but my memory was shot and as my therapist describes it, I was quite sedated. I’ve since switched to a completely different med and am now doing great. As with all medications, people can respond differently to the same medication. That said, memory problems is a common side effect of Trileptal.

Ironically, it was the side effects that led my doctor to order a memory test. Unbeknownst to me, the neurologist slipped in an ADHD test! I found out when my new therapist got a copy the report. The test said I didn’t have ADD now (age 50) but from my history I most likely did as a kid. Since then I consulted with another specialist, a pediatric psychologist as it turnse out, about my brain issues and after talking to me he assured me that I do indeed have ADD, and that I’m on the autism spectrum. Goes to show you that getting a proper diagnosis can’t always be done with a simple test. And that ADD does coexists with other neurological conditions.