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I have a partner who really wanted me to be perfectly fine in the psychological way and emtionnally because of shame he would have to have married let s say someone diffrent

It took him many years to finally realize I was not as organized as my IQ and general personnality might have suggest and he decided now that instead of accepted me the way I am he can t live with an unstable person anymore

But I am stable in a way as I am never perfectly organized in things I do occasionnaly

and I can t multitask easily without missing little things

but In guess he can t deal with some outburst I had in the past

I really do my best everyday especially because we have a daughter who has ADHD and I want to be a good and courageous role model for her who works so hard in her high school but sometimes I believe my husband and I are not setting the right example for her,

It is difficult not to be accepted to way we are

He deals badly with my weakness so then how she will perceive that for her own future relationship?