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One thing you can do is to understand that it is frustrating to ‘us’ too! We’re trying our best to improve our lives as much as we can, and the ‘pat on the back’ is what helps to make the smile go the face! If you see more patience, being on time more often, remembering appointments/where the keys are/names, or any other ‘mild’ improvements, the best thing you can do is say congradulations in any way you can. This includes leaving a little note on a sticky pad, a kiss with a “Good job on your…”, etc. It might help to make it so that she’s more relaxed and not feeling like there’s no end to the search!

You might want to tell her doctor, (be it psych or regular), what the times are like if you can’t find a solution here.

But, just telling her how you feel and the both of you sitting down and coming up with a problem solver in a way that would be the best for the both of you might be the only way that can find the things to do that are helpfull!