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My advice to anyone who is in a relationship where the non ADDer is not accepting and supportive is to separate/divorce ! It was the turnaround I needed and really helped me to become the strong independent woman I always knew myself to be before I met my ex

husband .I have recently met someone who has a better understanding of my ADHD but I am not sure that I would ever share my space with a partner on a regular basis again ! Self acceptance and the need to be myself is of paramount importance to me !

My son who also has ADHD has a better attitude towards me now than when we were all together when he was becoming just as condescending as his father ! Our children need positive role models and that means happy parents whether they are together or not !

From what I have seen and read it is more likely that a man with add/adhd will have more success in relationships as women tend to be more empathetic and caring and also the men get to go to work and are less likely to be bogged down with household chores !