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Re: Vyvanse and grouchiness (and intro)

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I have a generalized anxiety disorder, and was prescribed Vyvanse for my ADD by my psychiatrist, after trying Strattera and Biphentin.

It worked a little bit at first, and then stopped working, so he upped the dosage to 30mg. In short, I turned into a freaking basket case. I got rather snarky, saying completely bizarre things, and balling my eyes out. My moods became very noticeably unpredictable (which is saying something).

I’ve also been seeing a psychologist for the anxiety, and he became extremely concerned about it and recommended I stop. When I checked the FDA website, it clearly stated that Vyvanse should NOT be taken by high-anxiety people- a category which I definitely fall into. I don’t blame my shrink necessarily, I think it was just an oversight on his part, but I felt a lot better when I stopped taking the medication. (Although my self-esteem took a nice beating…)

After that experience, I told him flat out that stimulants were not an option for me.