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Re: Vyvanse Day 1 – questions

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Vyvanse is well liked because you DON’T really feel it coming on like you do the others. My husband took one of my Vyvanse 60mg and wouldn’t SHUT UP!! Even my poor kids said “Daddy, can you PLEASE stop talking!”. He doesn’t have ADD like I thought he did. I dont say that because the med didnt work for him, but knowing more I can see he doesn’t.

I never feel anything from mine at all. Just my mouth gets really dry, im no longer hungry, and im on task. But I guess I was gradually tapered up through out the 6 months it took to get my meds right. First Ritalin which gave the best focus but made me FAR TOO irritable. So tried Adderall but it gave me that “got a go go go go do do do do” and just a gross overall feeling. Then took Dexedrine which was AMAZING, but once again didn’t like the downs… Then took 30mg Vyvanse, then 50mg, then 60mg. I think 60mg may be too high because I get a little bit edgy when hungry. When on 50mg I felt great. Still my quirky self but focused.

With that being said, give it some time. When I first started taking medication I thought it did nothing at all. I was looking for that “I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I CAN SEE” type deal. I was discouraged. But over time I noticed little things that were different… and the more I took my meds the more I noticed when OFF of them how different I was. My family can tell when I don’t take them right away. At work if I don’t take them people always make comments like “Are you drunk? Did you take something?” and as a joke “Did you forget to take your meds today?” Little do they know…. Yes I did forget to take them! hahahhaa