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WOW! This is eye opening to me! I have not read these blogs or forums till lately. Regarding Medications, I am 52 yrs old, have known I’m ADD since my 25 yr old son was diagnosed at age 8. I never got formally diagnosed or treated till a year ago. I LOVE MY DOC, but she is very careful with meds. I went for 2 months trying all the techniques and learning about my type of ADD first (both types), then finally tried the Vyvanse and I’m only on 20 mgs………which actually helped alot in the beginning, but not alot any more. Finally my Doc upped it to 30 MG after I told her I tried two pills one or two days and it went GREAT! So, I’m only on 30 starting today. That one mom said her 9 year old is on 75 or something? Yikes! I guess I will keep up just 30 and try to be happy with it. I find so much of it is our change in attitudes and kind of working hard on yourself AND the meds, but not just meds, thats for sure. Good luck to all of you reading this.