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Re: Vyvanse or Adderall XR ?

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I am a 48 year old male and just got diagnosed with ADHD 4 months ago. I was misdiagnosed and being treated for Bipolar Disorder and chronic depression!!! What a mess I was for 2 years. Med changes every 2-3 months and nothing helped! they only made me feel worse! Got hospitalized 4 months ago and all my medications were discontinued. I started Vyvanse 70mgs 2 months ago. Previously I was on Adderall XR 20 mgs AM and PM. I did not like the crashes between dosages. Vyvanse is Awesome! No crashes or headaches….however it only lasted 8 – 9 hours! After some trials with an Adderall booster I am now taking 20 mgs Adderall XR @ 5:00 AM, when I wake up…then my 70 mgs of Vyvanse @ 11:00 AM. It is perfect! All day coverage until about 7:00-8:00 PM. No crashes, headaches or any side affects. My Doctor did have to contact my Health Insurance in order to inform them that he was in fact prescribing 2 XR medications and it was necessary for proper treatment. I just hope it continues to work….getting adjustments with ADHD medications is a real pain!

Since I have been properly diagnosed and medically treated my life has made a complete turn around! It is great!

I feel alive, organized and focused for the first time in my life!