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It might take months or years for the appointment itself to take place, but for the appointment to be booked? If a specialist doesn’t have any openings in the foreseeable future, they’ll generally let you know that right away. Plus, you’re dealing with a University’s student health services, and they often do have somebody on staff who is qualified to handle this. Many post-secondary institutions these days are trying hard to reach students with previously diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities and get them the help they need so that they can succeed and graduate, not flounder and drop out.

I’d call the referring physician’s office, tell them that you received the referral x weeks ago and were told it would only take a few weeks but you still haven’t heard, and ask them to check. The actual referral call is usually made by the referring physician’s office manager to the specialist’s office manager. Medical office managers are generally doing five things at once (and doing them astoundingly well) in a very busy environment, so you might have gotten lost in the shuffle. It happens. If your (or the doctor’s) expectations re: timeline for booking the appointment were unrealistic, they can tell you that as well.