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In his lecture series Dr Jain spoke about the importance of maintaining good “sleep hygene”. He said it is even more important for people with ADD.

Among the tips I remember:

1) set a bedtime and stick to it. Go to bed at the same time every night (or 6 days per week) and set your alarm to awake at the same time in the morning. Over-the-counter sleep aids like melatonin can help you fall asleep at your set time until your body takes the routine on itself;

2) do not use any electronic devices within 1 hour of your “bedtime”. His rule was, if it plugs into the wall, avoid it. He says any additional stimulation to your brain at this point can keep it motoring on for hours after you get to “sleep”, preventing your brain from getting the “rest” it needs;

3) Instead of watching TV, listening to music or playing games he said read a bit. Not a good book either, because you don’t want lots of stimulation or to get hooked wanting to read the next chapter. Instead go for magazines with short articles, or even heavy reading like the tax act;

4) develop a night time routine. Putting stuff away, getting in your PJs, brushing your teeth, etc – and do the same routine every night. He said your body will eventually begin to recognize it’s “bed time” once you start your routine.

As for waking up in the morning, he reccomends splashing cold water on your face immediately. This triggers a chemical reaction inside your brain to “wake” you up fully and avoids a slow, groggy start to your morning as your body wakes up slowly.

The other posts here make some important points too. If someone is having difficulty getting good rest a sleep study can help rule out or identify other conditions. Some of these, like sleep apnea, can also be very dangerous.