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I’m the same but here’s the kicker – If you’re a guy or girl for any matter, I find it is all adrenaline based. I am dead to the world for at least 2 hours after getting up or having an afternoon nap. I believe this may be related to *depression*. I play hockey about once a week, and that game determines my outlook for the next 3 days or so. Sounds weird, but before every game I feel like shit. Tired and sluggish. But, if I score a goal, or have a good couple of shifts, everyhting changes. Energy comes out of nowhere, I get pumped and that seems to last through the course of the game. I will usually sleep well that night, and feel pretty good for a few days. I seem to get this watching my young kids as well. If I see them having a really good time, laughing and playing, I’ll get another high. From what I’ve read regarding depression symptoms, this correlates with having a mild form of depression. Highs and lows. They say it all over this website, that the two go hand in hand with adult ADHD. I feel I’ve been catching up on sleep since I was a pre-teen. It’s starting to get so bad that I find my meds are fighting with my tiredness all the time.

I do know a very simple solution to all of this that has worked for me in the past, though I’ve been too ADD to keep it up. Vigorous work-outs. Slowly work your way over a month or two, to at least 3 or 4 workouts a week. Never too close to bedtime. ShaneG, not getting home til 8:30 kinda sucks because if you start working out after that, your body might take too long to recover/relax after. But, it truly is the “free” way of solving the problem. St. John’s Wort for the depression has shown positive results although I’ve never tried it myself. I have an anxiety and phobia text book that, decribes alot of this to just not being active enough, and not eating properly. I think alot of us ADDers just won’t admit that we abuse ourselves quite a bit by being too inconsistent with our lifestyles.