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Re: Waking up!

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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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My solution was to simply force myself to get up, cross the room, drink a glass of water, stretch for 20 seconds, pee, and then hopefully, I was awake enough I’d keep going. Within a few weeks, I no longer dragged myself out of bed. My body was trained.

But then I’d feel overwhelmed as I thought about everything I had to do.

What really made the difference was creating a goal. One that inspired me more than, “I’ll get a head start on my bills!”

Now I get up each morning to make my wife breakfast (Okay, it’s just toast and tea) and bringing it to her. She is always grateful. Amazingly so.

It’s about motivation.

If I think ahead too much, about what I have to do today… I’ll slump over dead and drag the blankets back over me for another hour.