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Re: Was patient of Dr. J, now live 6 hrs away. How do I get new meds

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Patte Rosebank
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It’s not a case of your doctor’s possibly losing his license for prescribing anything; it’s more a case of his losing it if he prescribes something without fully knowing what he’s doing, and it causes you harm.

It sounds as if your doctor has been shirking his professional responsibility to keep updating his knowledge with the most recent information. If that’s the case, then you need to find another doctor, preferably one who is a more recent graduate, or has at least kept on top of medical developments. Are there any other doctors near you?

Did you explain to the doctor who was 5 hours away, that you were diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and that medical science has determined that ADHD is NOT something you outgrow? It’s been quite a few years since it was established that you don’t outgrow it; you just get better at hiding the symptoms. Therefore, you don’t need another initial diagnosis. However, it may be that this other doctor wanted to determine if there were any other conditions besides ADHD that were causing your problems.

Also, where are you studying? If it’s at a college or university, I can pretty much guarantee you that your Student Services Department has experience in assisting students with ADHD and/or other mental conditions that require special accommodations. Those accommodations may be all that you need to help you, so you won’t need a change in medications. Going from a high school environment into a university/college one is a HUGE change. All students have some difficulty adjusting their studying and working methods to this new environment. Those of us with ADHD have enormous difficulty in making these adjustments, and many of us need special help.

Student Services should also have a psychologist or psychiatrist on staff. So talk to Student Services, and tell them your history and the problems you’re having with your current doctor’s unwillingness to treat you. That staff psych may be able to help you, where your doctor refused to.