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Re: What do you think of this article?

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Hello Danica

Thank you for posting this article. It is an interesting read.

You asked our opinion of the article. Well I think it is a prime example of why one needs to be wary, sceptical and discerning when reading stuff on the internet. There is a distinct lack of primary sources of information in the article. Yes there are references but they are second hand from web sites. For claims such as the ones made in the article I would expect to see references to peer reviewed research papers. Where are they? The mouse study for example? I believe someone did cause liver cancer in mice by injecting them with doses of ritalin that were completely excessive for their body weight. But they did say this was unrealistic.

Always look for peer reviewed primary sources. If they are not cited then it’s just somebody’s opinion. Of course they are entitled to their opinion but it is not founded on fact. Be wary of the internet.

In fact I might use this article as an example for my students!