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Re: What if it's not ADHD?

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Thank you. Ah, reactions are often unpredictable. At the moment, I’m pacing up and down mentally for this diagnosis (grrr, the impatience!)….but I’m not sure if I’ll react well or not once I have it. Already, I am much more confident since a self-diagnosis (lots of online tests, discussions, GP visit etc). I have already been to the GP for a referral to a nearby clinic, so I am just waiting for my last and final appointment at a professional ADHD centre. I am 3/4 there.

The realisation of ADHD makes it easier to live with. There were so many times, before I even thought about ADHD, that I’d feel upset with myself for screwing something up – losing stuff, forgetting things, zoning out and not being able to help it. The chaos was all just a bit too much.

I think my biggest fear about the diagnosis is being diagnosed without ADHD. What then? Do I just have a terrible memory? Am I natural ditz? It seems weird, but I’ll be much happier with knowing that I have ADD.