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Re: What jobs have you enjoyed?

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I’m 56 and have had many different types of jobs as long as I was able to multitask and move a lot I did very well and like most of them, I was diagnosed with ADHD about 12 years go when I went to collage and it has helped put some of my favorite things into some type of order. I was never able to stay at any jobs for over 5 years, get bored and find something different to challenge me since being diagnosed I have become an alcohol and drug counselor and put more time into doing things that are fulfilling personally I enjoy interacting with people bu love my hobbies and have found a way to make them work for me and it is starting to create another source of income. Am I successful that is something that I recently have come to terms with. Before my diagnosis I that I was a failure at everything, since then I work very hard to remind my self I am successful. Success is not what other se it is what you see. Good Luck