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Re: What jobs have you enjoyed?

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I’m 22 and currently a college student majoring in film.

The film part is great…the student part sometimes not so much (I make good grades and all that but I can just barely stand it sometimes.)

I’ve worked on several independent shorts with friends from school and I always have an amazing time. We usually work long hours and focus on short tasks one at a time, like getting different shots. We have to move around a lot and even during the lulls, a lot is going on. I’ve done some small things on my own as well, and I find I’m even better at running those than just participating in someone else’s. I think part of it is because to have a day of shooting run smoothly you have to have a detailed plan ahead of time. (a shot list is one of the things I can actually make myself sit down and write without too much annoyance. xD) but you have to be mentally flexible enough to focus on everything happening while you’re under pressure. It’s busy and fun and there is a very tangible goal at the end….which is helpful for me.

Similarly, I really enjoy acting. I catch on to routines really fast.

I don’t know how many add-ers are familiar with shadowcasting (like when people act along with the screen at midnight showings of Rocky Horror.) but I’ve been involved with a couple of casts for different movies doing that and it is a really wonderful way to blow off some steam.