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Re: What jobs have you enjoyed?

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Hobbies I love:

Classic car repair and restoration, alternator repair, antique engine collecting and restoring, showing those engines at shows, repairing antique sewing machines.

Jobs I’ve liked or loved:

Auto mechanic (my first true love), IT/computer networking somewhat, security and antivirus mostly. Love the challanges there – keeping the bad guys out, fixing things when employees mess up and infect things, the battle to prevent infections to begin with.

At one company, I designed the entire corporate antivirus structure and design. That was fun, a challange, you have to constantly learn and keep up – keep current, keep ahead of things in IT/computers. Fall behind a week and you are in trouble. Just when you get caught up, something new is released or a new patch comes out.

Did small engine repair – transmission repair, etc. – small items you can generally work on and finish quickly and on to the next one.

Have started alternator repair services on the side – in the evenings and weekends, specializing in stuff others don’t like to touch.

I could use one of those massages – my neck and back and shoulders are almost always “tense” and tight.