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Yep, I agree with the training wheels analogy. I’ve never heard of a kid learning to ride a bike without training wheels. Sounds like a whole lot of trips to the doctors office for stitches etc. Hmm… That kinda sounds like my life!. if Only….

Anyways, yep, we also need outside support. I can’t quite afford a coach, but I can and have been trying to build up some more accountability partners in my life. Just friends who I can trust with all the ugly truth about my ADHD, lack of discipline, inability to keep on a solid routine, and umm, cope. It’s no fun to humble myself. But just having to answer to a few people about how well I’m doing just drinking enough water, or at least rinsing dishes off after I eat etc. Making progress, will make a difference.

It’s a bummer, I just don’t want to… But I got ta grow up some time, huh?.

Without the medications I take, I would just be screwed!!. LOL. whelp, it’s the truth. I would just be curled up in the fetal position shaking violently, and sweating bullets!!!. well, that’s kind-of an exaggeration, huh?, It was fun to write though. Maybe it was fun to write because that describes exactly how I have felt many times, and I’m happy to not feel that awful any more.

Also, I just didn’t have the energy to curl up… too lazy probably.