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Thanks so much for that advice. Its amazing to see all you guys out there with the same issues as me. The problem with Kenya is that there is very little known about this disease here, its more like I educate my psychiatrist rather than the other way round. What I am getting from all of you is that different meds work differently for people and there is no way of knowing the right ones until you try. But even concerta is not in Kenya – I had to get it from England!!!! So of course there is no life coach with such experience but I shall try to find one on line. I agree with Robbo – the meds make everything so clear but this time round straterra just isn’t doing it for me. Scary about the effexor……..any way around that? Prozac worked brilliantly and there were no withdrawal symptoms (what does that mean???? Am I more screwed up even????) 🙄