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Re: What was the 1st clue?

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my first red flag was when i would seriously talk incessantly without taking a breath…so hyper i couldnt sit still even while pregnant, holding three jobs, and planning a wedding, and being full time student i had loads …I MEAN LOADS of energy and literally had to strive soooo hard to stay organized and on time and sooo clumsy like i literally couldnt walk …then remembering small stupid things seemed like a chore and back in gradeschool i was always figity adn couldnt sit still and couldnt remember things and found learning easy things like what a noun, verb, and adjective was…was hard for me so i just ignored them thinking they would go away…sadly they didnt..i always felt frustrated why some of my friends could KNOW stuff and i was sooo just idiotic….like hard to remember….yep sadly i ALWAYS FELT DIFFERENT…..