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I’ve recently been going through the whole “should I tell people or not” thing as I’ve recently found out that I have ADD. I opted to tell people. The people who really deserve my time and attention have supported me, and the others I have decided to make less room for in my life. It sounds simple but having almost no family and having to back away from my own mother who I used to talk to every single day on the phone and felt closest to in this world nearly broke my heart. She won’t accept it, and by default makes me feel like I don’t even know my own self, so I had to back away for a while so I can figure this out for myself.

We are who we are, we can’t magically change, and it’s better to be around people who support or at least offer respect and to try not to worry about the other people(I know at work it’s a little different, but I mean with friends and what not). Sometimes I even feel like if I say it I’ll sound like I’m making excuses, but that’s a sterotype even I have to get over. I can’t be ashamed, or else how far am I really going to go.

One wise man told me that we shouldn’t ever try to fit in, when it’s the right place or people we just will fit in as ourselves naturally.

Does hearing any of this make it easier? Who knows, but if we can let go of what others think and really just focus on what we think and how we want to feel about ourselves, our stress levels go down a lot and life seems, if only for the moment, a little less nuts.

As far as doctors my god, sometimes that just takes the cake doesn’t it? But, there are usually plenty more where that one came from, who maybe are a little more educated and/or reasonable. Anyways I am not sure if any of this helps, but I do wish you the best :)