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Ha! I haven’t had much issue with getting my employer to understand my ‘issues’ related to ADHD. When I revealed my diagnosis to my current employer, she stated that she already knew. She even went on to tell me that immediately after I walked out of the interview for the position with her, she had turned to the other interviewer and said, “Now that’s the most ADHD person I have ever met!”

It’s all good though. She thinks I do a wonderful job even if it takes me just a wee bit longer to get myself organized to get there to get the job done. No, just in case you’re thinking she’s also ADHD. She’s not. We’re both educators who know that ADHD doesn’t mean ‘BAD’, just different behaviours and different learning styles.

In the education field, there are still plenty of teachers who are non-believers. Personally, I find THAT hard to believe. With all the info out there on ADHD available for even the general public to see and read, how can it be that there are still newly graduating teachers coming into the field who still believe that kids with ADHD are just NOT trying their hardest or are just trying to CAUSE problems?? *gives my head a shake*

The non-believers? I’ve talked myself blue in the face (easily enough done for some of us) trying to convince some of them but have realized that was going nowhere. Instead, when I hear complaints I offer my sympathy (we are a trying bunch to spend a day with!) and ask if there is anything I can do to help. They ALWAYS love a sympathetic ear and don’t mind any strategies that I can give them.

I believe that in the US, a student dxed with ADHD requires that an IEP (Individual Education Plan)be provided to assist them with any learning concerns/needs associated with the ADHD. It’s certainly a different story up here.

Fortunately for me, most principals are well aware of ADHD so I’ve had no problems dealing with them. Perhaps that’s only because I’ve always gone a bit overboard to make sure I didn’t ‘mess up’ on the job because of my ADHD!