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brio! uhm, are we like twins? but you are an “i” and i’m an “e”….. btw, word vomit and i are total BFF’s. hahahahaha

“And high maintenance” [ironic that I’ve come to associate that word with the highest insult possible.]” i despise that term

“I’m terrified of being “difficult” yet quite convinced that’s exactly what I am] I just interrupt, and share tmi, and mouth vomit, and talk too much, and fidget to madness, or sit in a corner munching on chips in an attempt to shut up and give other people a turn,” ahem, yeah… this happens to me. and add that my hubby, ya know the isfj… when we go out and i do these things, like interrupt and give out tmi, or word vomit, he totally and completely makes me feel self-conscience for being me.

i have the same questions you do. and i’m trying to find resolution on those things as well. personally i believe it’s better to let people know that you have adhd, rather than lacking self-control, whether they believe you have a valid issue or not… who cares… you know what you have and it’s time to work on it. don’t waste your time on the non-believers. i just don’t bring up the topic with them and if they try i change the subject or direct them here now. are you on meds? have you tried to find help with a doc? i think that a lot of your feeling and emotions stem from a business still in your head. i promise these questions get easier and easier to answer as the days on meds go on. you do find clarity. and you learn that some people will just never understand. good luck! hey PM me your email addy on Type C, would ya? i really want to have a dialogue with you about this.

and uhm…

sticky notes ARE fun! *insert kool-aid smile here* oh yeah!