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Re: WHEN to set reminders?

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Thanks for the great ideas! I’m using some of these, others I wil try.

I’m still wondering about the gap of time from the alarm or timer going off and the action that needs to be taken. I’m on medication, so I have improved my ability to hold a goal in mind while I’m transitioning from one task to the next, but only to a point.

I keep thinking there must be a certain number of minutes that’s ideal where the timer or alarm goes off and then the action I’m supposed to perform actually gets done.

It can’t be instant, because I have to stop what I’m currently doing which usually involves ending a phone call and/or making a note of where I’ve left off the first thing so I’ll remember where to pick it up when I return to it.

5 minutes seems to work for changing tasks, but if I have to actually leave and get in my car to go somewhere, the transition time is increased. Even 15 minutes doesn’t seem long enough, even though I’m at work, and all I should really have to do is put my jacket on and go.

30 minutes is always too long – I end up getting distracted or thinking I can get another task done real quick before I actually start getting ready to go. (Also, I haven’t gotten over my distaste of being early – I’m trying to figure out the psychology of that problem)

Thanks again Robert & Nellie