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Re: Where can I find treatment?

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I had to do a similar thing – I’m in York Region. However, the psychiatrist at the hospital up here eventually did see me (about 6 weeks if I’m not mistaken, I can’t believe they want to make you wait 9 months). He did a lot of the preliminary questions and said “ah, you probably have ADHD, but who knows for sure”, prescribed me Strattera, didn’t really seem to give a crap about whether I did or didn’t, then had me come back in a month, I told him in the followup visit that the Strattera was working, and now my GP is prescribing me my Strattera. No, I haven’t done a full assessment. But the important thing is my GP would not prescribe anything for ADHD until I had seen a shrink. Now that the shrink has signed off on it, my GP is quite happy to help me adjust dosage and whatnot – he’s seen the results in me.

Why my GP won’t directly prescribe for ADHD but will for depression and anxiety issues is totally beyond me, but I haven’t had the nerve to bring myself to ask him.

The Ontario heath care system is seriously fucked up (and I choose to use the f-word deliberately, I don’t care who I offend by using it, there’s no other way to express my horror and disgust at it) when it comes to psychiatric care. That said, do what you have to do to get treatment. If you have ADHD Clive you’ve lived with it for a long, long time, and I know you want to get it fixed right NOW, dammit.