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Hi Folks I really like the idea of self-coaching and, in the absence of any other useful help, I guess that is at least a place to start.

I found the website very helpful both for the strategies offered to help overcome procrastination, clutter (in the home, in the office and in the head), poor self esteem and for the daily emails that act as reminders of the habit that you choose to work on.

The website and email reminders may seem overwhelming at times but the basic philosophy is to start with one habit at a time, establish it until it becomes autopilot then tack on another habit and so on until you can feel some relief from longstanding issues.

Dr. Jain mentions this technique in one of the videos on this site and is a system that sets out how to do it.

There is criticism of the website all over the net but many, many people have been helped. My family and I have benefitted greatly.

It is free to join. The website sells tools for the home but you do not have to buy anything and just ignore the stuff about tools if you want.

So there is one idea about how to get started self coaching.

Now that I have some hope about how I have learned to keep the clutter at bay in my home, I have been able to approach a friend to help be an accountability buddy for my finances. Before, when everything seemed overwhelming, I did not feel I could reach out for help.

Hope this helps.