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Good Luck. An adult psychiatrist commenting about adult ADHD said “Don’t believe it, don’t see it, don’t treat it, don’t waste my time!” Rather succinct. Problem is most doctors were told kids outgrow it, they never received instruction on it in medical school, and the common reference guide is inadequate to address ADHD in adults. So in their minds how can it be real? What you don’t know – you avoid. Diagnosis and treatment is left to the brave souls that have ventured into the area. Other issue is the term “psycho stimulants”. The terms are so emotionaly charged by myths. Acceptance might be better if the meds were labeled by what they do – ie dopamine reuptake inhibitor to address low dopamine levels primarily in the pre-frontal cortex. Hey – that might get their attention. Doctors do want to help – most are on a learning curve. They’re not being ‘stupid, lazy or crazy’