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Re: Where can I find treatment?

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Leah, do check out the local ADHD groups/meetups to assist with finding a psychiatrist who deals with adult ADHD. I just started googling all sorts of combos of Adult ADHD, groups, support groups, ADD, etc. to find a name. (My family doc had threatened to Form 1 me if I continued asking for another referral). .

I decided then and there that if I needed to, I would go south to the US if need be and pay the $$ necessary to get a proper diagnosis. I’d been incorrectly diagnosed as bipolar 2 and put on meds that did ‘nada’! (Well, except gain a lot of weight.) Then that pdoc took me off those meds declaring that I no longer needed them (miracle cure, I guess).

My particular field of study/work made me well aware of what my real issues were but hey, what did I know? I finally decided I would no longer be pushed around and would find a psychiatrist who wouldn’t say, “Well, if your other doctor said that you were bipolar, you must be bipolar. ADHD? That?? Oh, I don’t DEAL with THAT You’ve got to be bipolar because you talk quickly.”

There are good doctors out there (and in Canada!!) Through my ‘googles’ I found a name. Reading through the postings of members on one of the sites I found a local doctor’s name and got my true diagnosis. Hang in there and don’t give up. The internet is a wonderful resource!

Good luck! BTW, I no longer harbour ill will due to my past experiences with doctors. They are busy and get caught up in ‘stuff” so sometimes they do miss on diagnoses. Now then, being treated with a lack of respect, ……. that still has my hackles up. but I’ll get over that too.

As Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day!” :o)