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Leah, I really can relate to how you feel. I also find it VERY hard to stay “up “. Somehow, I manage to keep going…. I can say ditto to your comments about joy, sparkle and passion.

. I’m in an area where there seem to be many resources. A CHADD group, A few psychiatrists who claim to have ADHD as their specialty, and a growing number of coaches and on and on. I’ve spent a lot of time and $$ and yet I feel like I’m not really getting anywhere. The MDs seem to only use medications and I’ve often been misdiagnosed as bi-polar. I am currently working with yet a new MD. I think he has helped me to get to a place where I’m ready to make some changes. When he starts me on a new med he starts very slowly and that has made a previously not helpful med work much better. But he does not work with a therapist who really gets it. He is the only professional who has even mentioned sleep and exercise (really important, tho’ I find it hard to do ! ) An ideal situation would be a place where all of the needs could be provided in one place !!!! Perhaps that will happen…..

BUT….. There is a wonderful book by Nancy Ratey, The Disorganised Mind. The book and her website promote the possibility of “self-coaching”. My problem is I really need an understanding support person to help me do the things she suggests !!! And that has been hard to find. About 5 years ago I started an adult ADD support group. It really had potential. Lots of people came. But it was a bit of chaos. It needed a non-add person to help it work. The organisation ADDA ( ) has a manual for making a support group. I may try to do one again.

Well this has been a lot of reply. I’m getting older and really need to help myself if the balance of my life is going to have value.

Perhaps we can help each other if you are interested… In hope, Jayzee