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Re: WHY bother with a assessment?

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I agree – but there are rules for my jobs physical (we get one every year once over 40) and our dive docs wont cert. you even if you have migranes (migrane is a neurological issue – so not allowed under H2O). I was on a weight loss drug thru dive school & once I graduated the doc made me come off it as there are no studies of partial pressue on neuro meds.. I’ve always been able to get it under control before with diet & exercise & just explaining to a few key folks (without getting into it) that I’m a little thick. Dont get me wrong – I LOVE my ADHD – I can rock it when I have my stuff in order – just sometimes the frustration is hard to cope with.. We dont live in an area where there is tonnes of work – so my skill set is necessary to fill whatever job comes up – cutting out my com. diving is not a small decision.